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Friday, July 19, 2024




These anti-aging, complementary protocals have become more important to Dr. Ingram since reaching the age of 65. . .


A remarkable new product.  Fight aging.  Help your body discover its own best defense.

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This product greatly improved the health of a client's two chronically sick cats, and she introduced it to us.


This is an oral chelation product that removes calcium/cholesterol plaque. 


Please use the REFERRAL/RepID # 38656

Approximately 17 years ago a good friend of mine, Glen, who was a federal veterinarian, who oversaw the walking horse industry, was diagnosed with needing five bi-pass surgeries by his M.D.  He called me in a panic wanting to know what to do.  I phoned a friend of mine who was a nurse anesthetist who had performed the anesthesia for many bi-pass surgeries.  Asked him which surgeon did the best job -- he replied: "NONE OF THEM."  He told me that for each bi-pass they make 2 cuts into the heart -- that would be 10 cuts for my friend.  He recommend a change in diet and exercising.  I suggested chelation therapy, to which he said that would be great.  Glen went from not being able to walk 40 feet without huffing and puffing, to square dancing all night after approximately 25 intravenous chelation treatments.  

In 2010 an elderly friend of mine from Jamaica was diagnosed with needing four bi-pass surgeries.  He called me for advice and I told him of Glen's experience.  At this time I looked up chelation treatment online and was able to find that great advancements had been made, especially in ORAL CHELATION.  My friend Stoney went through the oral chelation treatment from ANGIOPRIM that I recommended.  He was able to return home to Jamaica without any bi-pass surgery in a few months and is still doing well in his 80's.