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We like to use applied kinesiology (AK) or muscle reflex testing, as a way of asking your pet’s body what it needs. We use AK to determine supplements, dosages, drugs, and diagnose conditions. For example, if an animal’s body tests high for a need for amino acid tablets, then they either are not supplied with adequate protein, are not digesting what they are fed, or have a protein wasting condition. With AK we are able to pick up conditions before they are clinically apparent in conventional medicine. Very often we are able to detect subtle heart conditions that respond to supplements and homeopathy. The pet then regains his vigor and will complete his walks with his owner.

Most everything sends off a composite molecular frequency which is its signature.  Our bodies are able to detect that molecular frequency which surrounds the object like an aura.  It is then able to determine whether this object would be good for the body or detrimental.  At our clinic we have technicians trained to be surrogates for the animals.  They are able to detect by an electrical transmission of strength or weakness whether a particular supplement or food is good for them or bad for them.

For further insights into applied kinesiology please refer to an article by Ann Fishburne a nutritional kinesiologist entitled               A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology.  See ezinearticles/annfishburne.com 

We hope this article helps your understanding of Applied Kinesiology a little... To us it is an unending miracle of God's creation and how He made us that we can't even begin to unravel with our limited understanding of how complex our bodies are. We are blessed that He has given us even a little insight and He continues to use us as we diagnose and minister to pets & people using applied kinesiology as confirmation of what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us.


(Excerpts from an article published in the Standard Process News, May 2008)

Dr. Goodheart was a revolutionary.  Early in his career, he discovered the relationship between muscle function and health.  From this discovery he developed a unique testing method, eventually referred to as Applied Kinesiology (AK).  Throughout his career he lectured and taught worldwide at many chiropractic colleges and to those committed to holistic healing.  dr. Good heart was a prolific writer, completing over 30 research manuals on AK and other chiropractic topics.  One of his personal achievements was being the first chiropractor to serve the U.S. Olympic Team at the 1980 games in Lake Placid, NY.  

Dr. Goodheart helped people from all walks of life.  He had the intuitive ability to "listen to the body" and problem-solve patients' concerns, always with his kind, thoughtful demeanor. He would encourage doctors to "see with eyes that see, and hear with ears that hear" and observe and listen closely to the patient before making a diagnosis.  dr. Goodheart's holistic approach to health and wellness was a natural fit with the philosophy of Standard Process.  He played an integral role in raising awareness about our company and our products.  He lectured alongside our founder Dr. Royal Lee, on the importance of whole food nutrition.  This cemented their relationship and they became close friends.  In 2003 he was awarded the Dr. Royal Lee Lifetime Achievement Award for his long-term commitment to the chiropractic profession and his passion for helping others lead healthier lives.  

Dr. Goodheart passed away peacefully at his home on March 5, 2008 at the age of 89.  He will be remembered for his devotion to the chiropractic community, eternal optimism, and his gentle healing hands.