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Friday, July 19, 2024

Liver Failure



Liver failure is normally due to overloads and blockages.  The liver is a very resilient organ and will try to perform its many functions.  It gets overloaded with heavy metal toxicities which we are able to determine by hair analysis.  Once detected we try to correct the toxicities by the addition of chemical or proteins that combine with the toxic substance, rendering it harmless and allowing it to be excreted from the body, such as mercury combining with selenium.  We often see toxic overloads when the body has cancer.  The body is able to resolve itself of cancer much easier if it is not burdened and the liver is properly functioning.  Many of the old cancer treatments were in fact blood-liver purifiers to get this vital organ back at its optimum. 

Besides heavy metals the liver can be burdened with organic materials and foods to which it has developed allergies.  New compounds are developed almost on a daily basis to bombard our bodies.  It is important to have a well-tuned, well-oiled liver to function in today's toxic world.  Blockages must be resolved for all to flow smoothly.  It is important that the heart not effect the liver negatively by causing congestion.  Sometimes we have to aid the heart to relieve subclinical congestion in the liver to have it operate optimally.  There can also be the case of metastatic cancerous tumors or primary liver tumors causing blockages.  These do not always have to be resolved, but contained, and a pet can go on to live his or her normal life without the physical trauma to them or checkbook trauma to their guardian by surgery.  There is an array of tried and proven supplements and homotoxicollogy agents to lead the liver back to health.