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Friday, July 19, 2024

Inflammatory Bowel Disease



IBD in Dogs and Cats

Most of the cases of inflammatory bowel conditions I see are caused by allergies to food substances.  We determine what your friend is allergic to quickly and non-invasively.  You are then instructed on how to eliminate the foods from his or her diet.  They are then put on an anti-inflammatory regiment with enteric support for a period of time until the red, raw, inflamed intestines and stomach heal.  This healing process takes some time.  Your friend did not get this way over night and we are what we eat.  It has been reported that it takes up to eight weeks for your system to eliminate or replace the offending substances.  I am surprised if it can be done that quickly to totally redo a body's substance.  We normally see a substantial portion of the inflammation subside in two to three weeks or sooner if all the offending substances are eliminated and trauma is avoided that would cause more allergies.  

I repeat, it is very important to completely eliminate the offending food substances.  I compare it to rolling naked down a hill covered in poison ivy.  

Allergies are usually a body's defense against emotional or physical trauma.  They make it uncomfortable for you to engage in a hurtful activity again so you will avoid the situation that caused it.  It does not seem logical, but a dog can develop an allergy to brown rice in its dog food if he ate it right before being turned out to go to the bathroom and was hit by a car while exploring the perfect spot.  Emotional trauma from the dog's view point could be that he was cruelly abandoned by his loving family for two weeks at a boarding kennel while they went to Disney World, which he also would have thoroughly enjoyed. 


In the fall of 2010 we had a lady contact us from the Memphis area with a cat (Samantha Jane) that had had diarrhea for five years.  We were able to determine that it had an allergy to a substance that was constantly in her food, even though the brands had been previously changed.  We mailed her supplements, she changed food according to our suggestions, and the diarrhea stopped in less than a week.  She has continued normally as we have addressed other issues.  I have never seen this cat physically, but feel as if I know her.