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Friday, July 19, 2024

Know Your Holistic Veterinarian



Dr. Mark Ingram is a holistic veterinarian practicing in Brentwood, Tennessee.  His graduate work gave him insights into immunology and other concepts not ordinarily taught in vet schools.  Mark Ingram graduated from the University of Alabama in 1968 with a B.S. majoring in Chemistry, taught school, and went to graduate school at Auburn University before entering vet school in 1969. He has said that teaching junior high math was one of the hardest and emotionally draining jobs he has ever had. He graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1973, after attending graduate school at the University of Georgia for two summers while at Auburn. This convinced him that he did not have the patience for university politics and that private practice was where he needed to be.

Mark graduated a bit out of the box. In 1974 he developed his first successful holistic treatment for cats with life-threatening cystitis (stopped up tom cats), and has continued to use the treatment to date. He has written articles published in the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) Journal on iodine therapy, therapeutic ultrasound treatment, and hair analysis, as well as articles for local animal wellness magazines.

Initially Dr. Ingram's veterinary practice was divided equally between horses and small animals.  This mixture complimented each other  adding skills to each that otherwise would not have been gained.  He had a practical, natural approach to both.  In the middle 70's he realized that nutrition, especially in small animals, was extremely important and started saving dog and cat food labels.  In the mid 80's he started exploring various healing herbs and found much success in treating liver disease and other ailments.  This, along with his experience with ultra sound therapy, opened his mind to ask the question, "what else didn't they teach me in vet school?"  He proceeded on through the 90's with a more and more holistic mindset, without realizing that such organizations as the AHVMA existed and he was not totally out on a limb by himself.

Mark was baptized in the Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama when he was 11 years old before moving to Cullman. In doing this he had to make an unusual stand for Jesus in front of the church. Being a good student in school he graduated as an agnostic from high school and as a full blown atheist from the University of Alabama. He did not have the background to fight the scientific attacks against his faith. This is why Ron Wyatt's work (a biblical archeologist) and others is so important to him. In Nashville he came back to Christianity and experienced miraculous healings. In 1981 he was healed of spondylolisthesis and two torn cruciate ligaments supernaturally through Norvel Hayes' ministry. In 1982 he was healed of a rapidly growing, life-threatening tumor on his arm. He keeps the back brace he had worn for 15 years on the wall at the animal hospital to remind him from where he came from and God's miraculous healing power. Mark believes that we should first approach God for our personal healing and consult the medical profession as a second option.

Mickey Wilkes, a Rhema graduate, mentored him in deliverance and was important in his early walk back with Christ. She dedicated his son Micah to the Lord in 1991 in Phoenix City, AL. Mark has four children, three by his first wife, Kelley, Charlotte and Tommy, and Micah by his present wife Barbara, and four grandchildren.

Mark was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and started school in Jacksonville Beach, Florida but was raised mainly in Alabama, finishing high school in Cullman. He has proudly referred to himself as an Alabama redneck. He has owned a horse ever since the seventh grade and currently enjoys breeding for the hunter/jumper market. His time has consistently been managed by dogs, cats, horses and cows.

Given his college ama maters he has a hard time losing during football season...most every Saturday he has at least one team that wins.