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Friday, July 19, 2024

Lanna's Story



The Results of Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and Ultrasound Therapy

As told by her owner Gloria Chatham

A little boy dropped Lanna on the concrete sidewalk when she was about six or eight weeks old. She cried, but seemed to be okay the next day. Little did we know at that time that when he dropped Lanna it caused some spine problems in her lower back.

I house trained her quickly by getting up several times during the night and taking her outside. She was playful and had a lot of energy and ate well. But then we noticed she had a leaking problem. The vets did not have an answer and would put her on antibiotics because the leaking caused chronic bladder infections.

Finally the vet said take her to the Dallas Vet Surgeons to have some tests. Well the Dallas vet told me right away I should put her down, because it would be a lifetime problem, but after already having her four months I could NOT do that. So after a few tests they could not find anything and suggested opening up her bladder to see if the tubes were in properly. After costing a fortune and putting Lanna through hell they found nothing.

She continued to leak and a few more years of constant vet bills and antibiotics and prion, etc. nothing stopped the leaking. So the vet suggested we take her to Texas A & M Vet Hospital. They could not find a problem, so they wanted us to leave Lanna with them for several days for extensive tests and surgery. We decided that Lanna had been through enough and we had already spent a fortune on her so we didn't want to continue with the research.

Several more years went by and over the years she would limp if she took long walks, and sometimes when she would be playing or someone grabbed her hip, she would yelp in pain. We figured it was all the surgeries she had.

Then we had a cyst removed from her paw and because she had to favor that paw it caused her to become crippled and finally lose total control of her back legs. As a result I was having to carry her outside to use the bathroom and hold up her hind end because she was totally paralyzed and by now had lost total control of her bladder. It was so bad she would pee right through her diaper and I would wake to puddles of pee on my hardwood floors.

So the vet said let me keep Lanna for about a week and see if I can get her walking...and like I knew...they couldn't and wanted me to take her to a surgeon to have BACK SURGERY! So I took Lanna to another vet to get a 2nd opinion and that vet said the same thing--Back Surgery with six weeks of rehab and recovery! YIKES! More money and more pain for me and Lanna.

Over the years I had turned to holistic--alternative medicine. So I thought, if it keeps me extremely healthy, I should find a holistic vet for Lanna. I found Dr. Mark Ingram at Franklin Road Animal Hospital, a holistic and chiropractic vet.

Right away Dr. Ingram said Lanna's lifetime of leaking was caused by misalignment of her hip and spine and allergies to some of her food, and that he could treat her and have her walking again and stop the leaking! That was music to my ears.

In no time at all Dr. Ingram had Lanna walking and the pain Lanna had in her back end is gone! After seven years of horror with the leaking she does not leak anymore! What a miracle! Lanna goes for regular chiropractic adjustments and is on a special diet and takes some fabulous vitamins.

When my neighbors see us taking walks they call her the miracle dog. I can honestly say Lanna has NEVER been so healthy and happy!