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Friday, July 19, 2024

Cancer in Dogs and Cats



Over the years through our various cancer treatments for dogs and cats we have seen tumors shrink, cancerous tissue die and fall off, and beloved pets given a death sentence of a few months live for several more years.

Cancer is an immune system screw up which has a lot of components.  It is best to avoid rather than cure.  It is a lot easier to avoid the board with the nails on the side of the road than to fix the tire.

We like to gain as much information about the animal’s condition as possible.  Then we begin by correcting any hormonal or toxic situations, and remove any food allergies which cause inflammation and impair absorption of nutrients.  The immune system needs to be operating at its optimum. We believe that it is important to get the pet as healthy as possible and the excretory organs, liver, kidney and skin operating as efficient as possible.

Over the years we have tried many different modalities to cure this dreaded disease and have studied many more.  Initially, like I was taught, I used chemotherapy and radiation, without success and did not think that the owners or the animals benefited from the process.  The facilities and the drug companies did.  What I saw the pets go through sickened me and I did not feel good about my role in the process.  In medicine part of our oath is to at least do no harm.

My goal is to have the animal live his normal life relatively pain-free and to be the pleasure and companion to his human partner that he desires.

Each individual patient and situation is different and must be evaluated as to which of these therapies is most affordable, practical, doable and has the most chance of success.  Some alternative cancer techniques and methods advocated for people are not practical cancer treatments for dogs and cats for various reasons. It is hard to get them to sit still and drink something that tastes terrible even though it might save their life. (There is only so much you can get a 14 year old cat to go along with.)  It is important to be sensitive to their wishes and be able to realize when the animal’s service is not worth the cost in pain, finances and discomfort.

Please read "Romeo's Victory" under the Testimonies heading.

We have used and studied:
conventional therapy; surgery, which is sometimes very effective especially when combined with alternative treatments to correct the situation that cause it and prevent its reoccurrence; Hoxsey’s formula; Essiac teas; Macroforce (IP6 and Inositol); mushrooms; wormwood; frankincense and myrrh; vitamin C; sodium bicarbinate; ultrasound therapy at killing frequencies; antineoplastin (Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski); Johanna Budwig’s therapy; cesium enzymes; Dr. Gerson’s therapy; Dr. Rife/Beam Ray; magnets; oleander; Chinese herbs; bloodroot; cansema; neoplasene; Dr. Bob Becks protocol, Dr. E. J. Tucker, Jr. DMSO/Hematoxylon treatment, hydrogen peroxide; ozone; maclura pomifera.

It has been learned that cancer cells feed on sugar and act more like a plant and ferment rather than using oxygen.  Therefore, increasing the oxygen availability of an area is important.  Cancer cells like an acid environment.  Thus raising the PH is beneficial and we have actually cause tumors to die by injecting them with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

It is known that cancer runs in families.  Is this genetic, DNA/RNA, spiritual, aggravated by environmental factors, or all of the above?  We can minimize of maximize the hand we were dealt or through spiritual methods call for a new hand.

I have had a vet contact me that wanted to view our records to see what we had done to allow the animal to live so much longer than expected. I called him and stated that the records would not be that informative since the treatment involved was an in-house manufactured cancer formula which was herbal, holistic, and alternative and neither one of us studied it in vet school.  I told him that we just needed to go have lunch and talk about the principals involved so he could get a concept of what I was doing.

Areas environmentally known to stress our bodies and what we can do about them.

The most readily affected is our drink and food.  Pure, clean water, not polluted with toxins, is very important.  This is harder to obtain than what might be thought.  It should not really be distilled water, for this is hungry water wanting to dissolve minerals from your tissue and bones.   In addition, today it is difficult to find water without toxins that have been put in it on purpose or by accident.  I understand that there is a problem with the spawning of fish in Tennessee today from the hormones in the water.  It appears that we do not know how to negate the hormones that so many women urinate into the commodes on a daily basis that comes from the little pills many take daily.  Another source would be the hormones that are given to our food sources to increase their growth rates and productivity.  Poultry does not naturally have such large breast muscles.  On purpose would be chlorine and fluorine, both of which are somewhat toxic and cause maladies from fragile bones to coronary artery disease by causing plaque build up that occurs all over the body (by-pass surgery). 

What does ingesting this do to us?  A friend of mine, now 35 years old, from Australia, which does not allow hormones in their meat, said that he was shocked at the physical maturity of high school girls in this country.  Is this a good thing?  Yes, if you are producing kiddy porn.  No, if you are trying to be healthy and have a healthy family.  I have walked through my neighbor’s field that borders a river chasing a cow that got out and got a headache from the vapors of the herbicides that came up from the ground.  He is not raising cotton, but food crops like soybeans and corn that go into our food supply, as are thousands of farmers like him.   Remember that I said his land was on a river that floods yearly and washes into our streams with the afore mentioned toxins.  I had another friend that died of cancer as a young man.  Gordon said that it was because of the poisons he was exposed to as a farmer.  He told me that even his mother died of cancer because she was exposed to the toxins by washing their clothes.  What are we doing to ourselves?  What are we allowing the agricultural industry to do to us?  What is the trade off? 

The old standards in alternative, holistic medicine that have a reputation for healing cancer are really blood purifiers.  We need to have hair analysis done to find out what toxins are in our bodies as well as our pets’.  In my opinion hair analysis is more important than blood and urine analysis, because it gives a long-term assessment of toxicity and a more accurate assessment of  the toxins the body is dealing with.  The hair analysis needs to be read by someone that knows what they are doing, which are few and far between. 

Dr. Alfred Pletchner wrote a book entitled Pets at Risk in which he describes as condition which blood tests can detect that indicates an adrenal gland insufficiency which he says he sees in every case of cancer.  I have not found this to be true in every case, but most cases (95%).  The adrenal gland secretes many hormones besides adrenaline.  The three that we are principally concerned with here are cortisol–which helps calm down inflammation, and sex hormones–both male and female–which have a cortisol-type molecular structure and activity.  This insufficiency, by not allowing the animal to secrete the needed level of cortisol, allows inflammation to get out of control in the body.  Like allergies which are cumulative, inflammation seems to also be cumulative.  By this I mean a dog can tolerate several allergies and be clinically normal until he adds one more and it is like the straw breaking the camel’s back, and he goes into an allergic cascade of itching, scratching, red skin, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes cancer. Within the last few years I saw a cat with stomach cancer that had been diagnosed months before.  Because of the cat’s uncooperative nature there was only so much I could do, but we found the cat had been eating food it was allergic to for years.  Since surgery was not an option I told the owner what we could do to at least make the cat’s life easier.  She was thankful to finally know the cause of the cancer, chronic inflammation in the organ that first retained the allergic food.  If the stomach and intestines are red, inflamed and raw they do not operate properly or digest and absorb nutrients adequately, and they are personally at risk due to their local damaged immunity. This is in addition to the overall immune system suffering from their lack of function and cancer may result.  Very often in our area I see that a tick or insect vectored disease may be the inciting, traumatic event that caused the development of the allergy to the food. 

A large percent of the cancer patients we see have an underlying tick or insect vector disease. The treatment of these must be evaluated individually.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife did a lot of research in optics in the 1920's through the 50's, long before electron microscopes were invented.  He invented what he called the universal microscope that used prisms to keep the light from converging and losing its clarity.  He was thus able to get magnification with clarity up to 50 - 70 thousand times their normal size, see viruses alive, and observe how different frequencies of light and sound affected them.  He and his colleagues believed that viruses were pleomorphic.  Depending on the environment they were in the same organism could exist as a virus, bacteria or fungus.  I think the best accepted modern example of pleomorphism is the Lyme disease organism which seems to have different diverse forms in different parts of our body or in different creatures. 

In my early graduate work on Chagas disease I was aware that Trypannosoma cruzi, a protozoan, had entirely different morphological forms whether it was in its insect vector, the blood stream, or encysted in the heart or other organs.  So pleomorphism is not a new concept to me. This concept is not popularly taught in medical schools.  Rife believed in the paradigm on which he successfully treated people that most cancers were caused by a virus.  He believed that if he could kill the virus that caused the cancer cells to become abnormal the body would either destroy them (the cancer cells) or they would revert to normality.

In the 1930's Dr. Rife had 16 cancer patients sent to him by a group of doctors all of which agreed they were terminal.  He exposed them to a machine that he had invented the emitted light and sound at various frequencies.  He had predetermined the cancer-causing virus lethal frequencies for the patients.  In two months 14 of the 16 were amazing cured.  It took another two months to cure the remaining two.  The powers that be tried to purchase his pattens and technology, but Dr. Rife thought it should be available to everyone at a reasonable cost and would not sell.  His colleagues had their labs burnt, some dying in the fires, some were paid off and moved out of the country.  Dr. Rife himself was killed in a hospital by an overdose of Valium, thus we have limited use and knowledge of his brilliant technology.